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ATLs in The Wellbeing Curriculum

Monday 29 April 2019
11:00am - 11:30am

The Senior School Wellbeing Curriculum, designed to develop social and emotional skills and enhance emotional and psychological resilience, has been under development since the 2015 Pastoral Care Review. This presentation will give an insight into the evolution of the curriculum from piecemeal stand-alone lessons to a research based, outcomes driven, curriculum and the research and evidence that underpins it. It will also examine the multifaceted role that the ATLs play in Wellbeing; their role in driving and evaluating progress and informing future curriculum development as well as their importance in assessing and monitoring student outcomes. Quite simply, how their integration in our programs can help our students fulfil their academic potential, become better learners and valuable members of our community. 

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Event Organiser

Katie Hobbs